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RPCF Company FAQ's


Hi there! Welcome and thank you for joining us! Below you will find a list of pertinent information related to our company, policies, and how things work with RPCF. If you have a question for which you do not see an answer or explanation, please feel free to contact one of our owners/admins to clear up your uncertainty.

Meet the Team:

Royal Pixie Custom Fabrics is run by Jennifer Laughlin Nassar and Maegan Laughlin McIlvain, sisters from the Midwest who have been creating together their whole lives. While we are primarily focused on exclusively designed fabrics, we occasionally also offer SVG Cut Files and Embroidery Files which are also sometimes featured on our webpage and/or social media sites. Both ladies work together to conceptualize, design and arrange prints, order and receive materials, and finally ship to and support customers. We are so excited to bring our designs and concepts to you and look forward to building strong and lasting relationships.

How do I contact you?

We can best be contacted via email at Please allow 24-48 hours for an email response. Over the weekends, especially holidays, please be patient. We are a family owned and operated company that does our very best to support our customers. Your complete satisfaction is very important to us.

Material Specifications:


Digitally printed, 150gsm

100% cotton

58”-60” wide. Selvages may be along the edges.

Only sold by the yard.



Digitally printed, 240gsm

95% cotton/5% lycra

58" - 60” wide. Selvages may be along the edges.

Only sold by the yard.



Digitally printed, 230-240 gsm

100% polyester 

56"-58" wide. Selvages may be along the edges.

Only sold by the yard.



Digitally printed, 240 gsm

100% polyester

55" - 57" wide. Selvages may be along the edges.

Only sold by the yard.



Digitally printed, 300gsm

95% Cotton, 5% Spandex

56"-58" wide. Selvages may be along the edges.

Only sold by the yard.



Digitally printed, 240gsm

95% Bamboo, 5% Spandex

56"-58" wide. Selvages may be along the edges.

Only sold by the yard.


DOUBLE MINKY (aka: Fluff, Cush, Stretch Minky)

Digitally printed one one side only, 380gsm

100% polyester

56"-58" wide. Selvages may be along the edges.

Only sold by the yard or blanket panel.



Child size - 15" wide x 19" tall

Big Kid size – 19”wide x 23” tall

Adult size - 28"wide x 35" tall



Due to the digital nature of custom files, all sales are final for these products.


What kind of company is Royal Pixie Custom Fabric?

This group is where we facilitate mainly preorder fabric. When available, retail fabric will be listed on our webpage. We also occasionally feature SVG Cut Files and/or Embroidery Designs as well.

What is a pre-order?

A pre-order is an open ordering time frame during which we do not have the materials in-hand. Pre-orders are generally open for at least 7 days for each round and then closed.  Occasionally we may run a round shorter than 7 days so make sure to check closing dates to ensure your order. Once closed, we order the appropriate amount of material from our manufacturer. Due to the custom printing process time, orders can take 4-12 weeks to get to you. On rare occasions of manufacturing delay, orders can take slightly longer. We understand that preorders are not for everyone due to this natural delay. If you are uncomfortable with the amount of time it may take to receive your order, you may wait for excess materials to be available through retail ordering on our site, though this is not guaranteed to be available.

What is your permanent pre-order section all about?

The permanent pre-order section of our website contains prints that you can order with any pre-order round. These are great designs to supplement your main print purchases. When ordered with other pre-order designs, these prints will come shipped together. Make sure to fill your package with these versatile basic prints!

What is an “RP color”?

When a print is designated as “RP color” at the end of the description, these indicate a standardized color scheme. RPCF has designed a whole line of coordinating fabrics that use the same shade or hue of a color throughout various designs. For example, “Stripes on black - blue (RP Color)” will have the same color of blue used as “Stars on white - blue (RP Color)”. Please note, while the exact same color code is used in the digital designing of these prints, printer dye lots may vary slightly. If it is imperative that your coordinate matches exactly, please order your matching prints at the same time. Though it is rare, when the same print is ordered at different times, colors may vary slightly in their shade.

What does it mean that you offer custom prints?

Custom prints are what we are very passionate about. This means that we conceptualize an idea for beautiful fabric, design the characters and/or items we want on the fabric, arrange it so it’s just perfect, and offer it for sale to you with the hope that you love it as much as we do. Custom or bespoke items naturally take some time to produce because we have many steps to accomplish before fabric reaches your doorstep.

When do pre-orders open and how will I know they are coming up?

Prior to the preorder window opening for a round, several announcements will be made with pre-order time frame dates to our Facebook page. All open pre-orders will be listed under that tab on the webpage for the duration of the pre-order open window. Pre-orders open at approximately 10:00am Central time on the first date of the order window and close at 11:59pm Central time on the last date of the window.

What if my fabric has a flaw?

Unfortunately, flaws sometimes happen during the manufacturing process and are unavoidable. We do our very best to screen all cuts of material before packaging for shipping. However, if you find a flaw either on the material itself or in the printing of your material that is larger than a U.S. quarter and not within 3 inches of the edge, please contact us for a replacement or refund. Flaws on the selvedge do not qualify. All flaws must be reported within 7 days of the delivery of your materials. Flaws brought to our attention after that timeframe cannot be returned or refunded. Please note: materials must be in original, uncut, unwashed condition regardless of flaws. Washed materials reported to have a flaw cannot be returned or refunded. Due to the custom nature of our fabric, we cannot guarantee that replacement yardage will be available.

What if my fabric is shorter than I ordered?

On the rare occasion that you feel your fabric measures less than your full ordered yardage, DO NOT WASH your fabric before contacting us if you would like a shortage refund. Much like flawed fabric, items reported to have a shortage can only be assessed in their original, uncut, unwashed condition. A typical step in custom fabric manufacturing is stretching printed material onto rolls prior to exporting/cutting. Once cut, sometimes the fabric relaxes to the point that it may seem shorter than anticipated. We do our very best to overcut to allow for shrinkage however, you may end up with fabric that has relaxed too much to be considered your full order, please contact us ASAP. Again, please let us know within 7 days of delivery of any shortage concerns

What if I order multiple yards of the same print?

When multiple yards of the same print are ordered, every effort is made to ensure your ordered amount is continuous. That being said, sometimes yardage is cut by the manufacturer to eliminate flaws, misprints, ink spillage, etc. In this event, we can not guarantee continuous yardage. You may receive multiple yards of a print in multiple cuts. No cuts that are less than 1 yard (36”) will be sent without prior contact and confirmation from you, our customer.

Do you have a bulk discount available for large orders?

Yes! For customers wishing to order a large amount of the same print on the same base, we do offer a bulk discount. Please contact us at for more information prior to placing your bulk order. Completed orders are not eligible for bulk discounts.

How long does it take to get my ordered material?

You can expect pre-ordered items to ship to you within about 4-12 weeks from the preorder window closing date. Most delays in order shipment will be due to national holidays in the country of origin and/or actual manufacturing time of which we have absolutely no control. We strive to keep all customers updated on order status and expected shipment date(s). Clarity is our top priority. To date, however, RPCF has not taken more than 6 weeks to reach customer doorsteps!

Uh, oh, I changed my mind about my order!

Unfortunately, all orders are considered final once placed via the website. If you ever have excess RP fabric, feel free to post on our main Facebook page to sell it to customers who may have missed out on the preorder. Many sites also exist for the purpose of “destashing” should you need to do so.

More Shipping Details:

Shipping charges are determined by weight of your order using the details below:

Woven = 8oz/yard or 3oz/panel

Cotton Lycra, Swim, Minky, Bamboo Lycra = 16oz/yard or about 5oz/panel (8oz for adult panel)

Cotton French Terry = 20oz/yard or about 6oz/panel (10oz for adult panel)

Double Minky= 20oz/yard or 40oz for an Adult Blanket Panel

Shipping Containers:

PFRE (Padded Flat Rate Envelope) holds up to 3lbs of various fabrics

MFRB (Medium Flat Rate Box) holds up to 7lbs of various fabrics

LFRB (Large Flat Rate Box) holds up to 13lbs of various fabrics

1 LFRB and 1 PFRE holds up to 16lbs

1 LFRB and 1 MFRB holds up to 20lbs

2 LFRB holds up to 26lbs

2 LFRB and 1 PFRE holds up to 29lbs

Beyond 29lbs, please contact us for a shipping rate or split the order into multiple orders to maximize shipping.

International shipping charges will be calculated via Shopify. 

*All USPS shipments carry $50 of package insurance. If you would like additional insurance, please contact us at shortly after placing your order via the website. After your order is shipped and scanned in by the post office, tracking information will be updated by USPS. Royal Pixie cannot access additional tracking information. If your package shows delivered and you don’t see it, please check with your local carrier to determine its whereabouts.

What if my address will change before my order ships?

Changes of address due to moving are not a problem! If you know you are going to move prior to your shipment dispatching, let us know as soon as you can. If shipping has already been paid, we will recalculate and if there is a difference of more than $1, we will refund shipping charges and reinvoice. The key here is time and communication.

I don’t live in the U.S.A., do you ship Internationally? 

Yes, absolutely! We will work with you to ship to your location. International shipping fees, taxes, duty & customs charges, and insurance are your responsibility and will be invoiced prior to shipping. You must also let us know if you require additional paperwork to be sent with your order. Before ordering, please make sure you understand these charges. Placed orders are final and refunds will not be given for failure to assess or arrange shipping.

I have a great idea for custom fabric, can you make it?

We are always interested in what our customers want to see in upcoming rounds. We occasionally will have posts on our social media pages asking what folks would like us to feature. Please post your comments/suggestions on those posts. If you would like to discuss your needs further, feel free to send us an email with details at

I have digital art that I would like printed onto fabric, will you print it for me?

We would love to work with you to make your digital art come to life on any of our amazing fabric bases! Please keep in mind, however, that RPCF does not print or sell “inspired” designs. Even if your artwork is hand drawn, we take copyright infringement very seriously. Written, signed, and dated permission from your artist (even if it is you), is required for all submitted artwork that you wish to have printed. Email communications are considered binding and proofs of artwork prior to ordering must be accepted via email to proceed. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us! We are happy to help!


Marvelous Makers: Our team of sewists who make wonderful items to show the versatility of our fabrics in a variety of projects and applications

Round: all series of designs offered during the same pre-order window

Series: one theme within a round (I.E. Pretty Pixies)

CL: cotton lycra

PFRE: Padded flat rate envelope (shipped via USPS)

MFRB: Medium flat rate box (shipped via USPS)

LFRB: Large flat rate box (shipped via UPS)


Royal Pixie Custom Fabric FAQ’s updated February 29. 2020. All rights reserved.