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Pack Retail - Pixie Project Pack - Gold

Pack Retail - Pixie Project Pack - Gold

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This mystery box contains the following:

  • 1y Cotton Woven Fabric (1 FH each of 2 prints. Fabric colors are inspired by the WDW 50th Anniversary, but do not include WDW characters or symbols.)
  • 1y Woven Interfacing (1/2y each of 2 types)
  • 1y Solid Cotton Woven Lining Fabric (non-custom 45” wide)
  • 2 packs of 5 Zipper Pulls (matte rainbow, 2 designs, 5 of each. 1 pull is WDW theme, 1 is generic D*)
  • 4y Zipper Tape (2y each of 2 colors)
  • 12” x WOF Vinyl Roll
  • 2y 1.5" Seatbelt Webbing (2y of 1 color)

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